The Vertise Spec™ includes

  • 24 (consecutive) hrs of static placement of one promotional image and outbound link on one active webpage
  • Guaranteed 1,000+ Views on local, niche and indie publishers platform
  • Custom ad layout, sized to suite popular social media leads includes custom or stock images.
  • New audience + Savvy marketing
  • Placement includes print and+or digital
  • Active for 24 static hrs up to 12 months until 1,000 impressions
  • Free Bonus Ad Placement for Club of Ad.Vertise members
  • Direct contact with 1 Vertise project manager
  • Downloadable Resized Ads for Printing (business cards, fliers etc) & Social Media (IG, FB, Club Of... etc)

You have a standout service or product and you want to make sure your 'brand' is available to the asking public. You want your promos to look professional and you want to know who's looking at your ads.
In fact, you're just looking for a simple and cost effective way to...'promote your stuff'.
No 'ad campains'. Definitely no 'recurring fees'. No marketing mumbo-jumbo. You want the same advertising opportunity as the rich guys. You want reasonable results for a reasonable fee. You want your ads placed on modern websites in a stylish way.

We present your wares on a growing list of indie web and print projects for one flat fee. Once we recieve your payment, we 'take the ball'. Based on your product or service, we customize graphic or motion graphic ads for any size advert. We match instances and pair small publishers with local advertisers as they become available. In the meantime, we place a digital ad on an active webpage for 24 hrs consecutive and guarantee 1,000 engagement opportunities for your product or service. While your offerings are presented online and/or material print, we inform you where and where your ads are placed.

They place digital banners on cookie cutter websites. They use algorhythms to choose your audience and they bog you down with recurring campaign charges. They make you sign up to one of their platforms, ask you too many questions and are rarely accessible by phone. Your brand integrity does not get the personal attention it deserves and for approx $4 per 1,000 impressions, they make you the face of a totally annoying advert on the internet. They assess and price their audience, their clients and their publishers making it impossible for a business with limitde finances to create competitive digital marketing. They're elitist and their service model is outdated.

When it comes to ad placement, the world is our playing field. We present your wares on a growing list of user forward web and print projects for a one time cost. After that, we take the ball.
We get to work on your behalf as soon as we receive your order. There are no recurring fees, no questions about your market and no campaign requirements. We know what you want. You want your brand to be seen and taken seriously and you want new clients. That's all we need to know. We 'get it' because we're human.