The Service

what we'll do
I - Create direct media or ad service codes for new publishers to show ads on their media platform

2 - Create access accounts to our peer to peer ad-co op. Meet the local publishers niche web, audie, video and print media

3 - Arrange 24hrs static placement of one ad style

4 - Monitor ads for 12 months and guaranteed minimum 1,000+ views

5 - Insure 12 months of exposure on modern media. Maintain a presence on small audience media

6 - Present ad clients with a copy of their ad in various media format sizes ( media post and headers, mobile ads)

The Product

what you'll recieve
1 - Ad space on a stylish, modern web, mobile, audio, video or print media. (no pop ups, no ad tracking).

2 - 12 month rotation of ad + Guaranteed 1,00 views 3 - Links to your ads placement and location when they run static for at least 24hrs

4 - Downloadable file of your digital ad(s) in a combination of sizes

5 - Access to participating publishers who can help promote your product or service

Rent Digital Ad Space

How to order and place an ad

First, purchase The Vertise Spec ad package, then upload your product name, description, website, contact and or preowned advertisement. *You must include your PayPal reciept or transaction number.

Within 48 hrs, you will recieve a user name and password to access your designer via DM along with participating publishers.

We will create and post your ad on a local or niche related website or print publication.

The Vertise Agency™ will maintain that ad project for 12 months.
It's that simple. You don't need to create official campaigns. No recurring fees. No rotating banners. No annoying pop-ups. One fixed price.


12 Sample Ad Specs

this are samples of specifications we use to place and publish ads

Ad sizes, styles placement locations include but are not limited to:
1 - Med. Rectangle for 1/4 Page Prints
2 - Small Square for 3/12 Grid Websites
3 - Classic Side Banner for Websites
4 - Custom Cover Ratio for Social Media
5 - Full page 11 x 8.5 in Magazine
6 - Custom  Short  Web & Mobile
7 - Custom Square 1/4 Page Blocks
8 - Classic Business Card
9 - Custom Rectangle for 1/2 Page Prints
10 - Custom Ratio for Social Media Posts
11 - Custom Media Covers Book - CDs
12 - Custom Tri-fold for Full Page Print & Web

Sample Ad Layouts

Sample Ad Layouts

What to Upload

media to include when you order an ad service package

To post an ad or promotional item on our affiliate media projects you have to tell us a little (or a lot) about your offerings and give us a visual if you have one. We will apply your details to the best suited presentation and send you a copy to use on your website, print promos and social media projects.
- 1 - 3 image any size (optional)
- service, product, venue, or event details such as price, offers, links or company message

Warnings - Disclaimers - Alerts

all ads are not published and this is why

*We approve ads based on relevant placement and editorial presentation. Our visitors rely on us for current, verifiable goods and services. To uphold our primary service, we review and verify our ads before publishing. Approved ads are published within 48hrs. Ads that are not accepted are fully refunded and advised on guidelines to prepare resubmission of adverts.

Buy Now

Order 'The Vertise Ad Spec' and enter your media and your paypal along with your transaction number into the form below. If you still have questions, call us.

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